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Having fun in the 60’s


Destined to be a lost Memory

Well I suppose we should start with a selection of images from the first batch of negatives/films  I picked up.  I know a little back ground information about this photographer but only from the guy I bought them from who bought  a storage locker  full of photos, recording equipment, tapes, film etc. The guy who had owned the locker was supposedly a French journalist and had died so the locker was being sold off.


This is one of the first images I scanned from the negatives, before I picked up a cheap scanner as a carboot in Wales, I used the glass table we have in the living room with a lamp underneath. The quality was surprisingly OK but this shot was done on the slide scanner so the results are much better.  I think the images date from around 06/07..

My beautiful picture
Destined to be  a lost memory

It’s not sharp, it’s not clear but it has something about it.  I find it fascinating looking at the photos wondering who they are, what were their lives like then, what are they like now? are they happy? are they even still alive?

Looking at other images from this batch these 2 pop up a bit so I’m guessing friends of the photographer.

My beautiful picture

I wouldn’t mind an ice cold beer now, sitting round talking BS with friends, the sun is shinning and I’m sitting in my new temporary office watching the world, which is very quite. My neighbours are a dairy herd. This chap looks happy enough with his moment in life.


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This were shot NYE’s 2006 or 2007. Great candid shots of friends and strangers enjoying themselves..  One of the chaps in the photo reminds me of Peter Dinklage from GOT, I’m sure it’s not but…….


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The last lot of images from the first batch.  General snaps on days out with friends.

When I bought these somebody asked me what would anyone want with someone else photos. Well as they were destined for the tip, if nothing else I am saving them. I also find it fascinating to see what other people get up to and what they take pictures of. Even though they are quite modern I am interested in the fashion, the locations, the transport, the food etc.

It’s social history. Although the photos are  massively over/under exposed I’ve managed to recover most of it ( editing other peoples photos also helps improve my skills). Other than that your guess is as good as mine why I’m doing this. For now it’s fun.


More to follow

Thoughts & comments as always very welcome.