Welcome to the “The adventures of the unknown photographer” and it sort of came about by accident. I buy cameras as often as possible, I’m talking weekly and some times daily. Anyway I bought this ratty old Holga W120 GCFN, it was white at some-point. Along with the Holga I also bought a stack of 35mm film and a large amount of undeveloped 120 film and a bunch of 35mm negatives.

Now the photographer certainly wasn’t a Vivian Maier but was there was interesting. Interested enough to develop and scan the odd roll.  It’s now set me off on  a path of exploration, searching for old films to develop, negatives to scan and edit. The photographers are just everyday people mainly taking photos of every day life. This blog celebrates these unknown heroes and will stand as a testament of their endeavors with a camera which otherwise would be destined to be a lost memory.





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